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Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Metronic is one of the best selling templates on ThemeForest. It’s Bootstrap & Angular 8 Admin Theme Framework.
Metronic has 14 demo layouts such as – Backend System, SASS Application, Compact Dashboard, Modern Dashboard

Metronic - Admin Dashboard Template
Source: ThemeForest

Key Features:

  • All New Exceptional Design
    Trending UI/UX designs to future-proof your projects
  • Video Tutorials
    How-to videos for you to kick-start your projects
  • Native Angular 8
    Complete support with login, auth, ACL, and CRUD
  • Pre-build Applications
    Multipurpose pre-build applications that empower your business
  • Intuitive HTML Version
    Stands on Bootstrap 4 – Builders & Classic packages
  • Blazing Performance
    All core plugins build with pure Javascript for optimal performance
  • 5 New Angular Demos
    Demo 6, Demo 7, Demo 8, Demo 9, Demo 10, Angular versions
  • Angular Wizard Demo Pages
    Wizard 1, Wizard 2, Wizard 3, Wizard 4
  • Project Applications
    Five projects List Options, View, Add & Edit Project Pages
  • Support Center Application
    2 Home options, 3 FAQ options, Feedback & Licence pages
  • New Components & Features
    Iconbox, Infobox, Callout, Ribbon Components and many more
  • Updates Improvements & Fixes
    A huge work on improvements, Plugins Updates, and Fixes


Fuse – Angular 8+ Material Design Admin Template

Fuse Angular is Web Applications, CRM, CMS, Admin Panels for powerful and professional admin template. Fuse Angular 8+ version has AoT compiler support out of the box as well as a complete NgRx example app. Fuse Angular is an Angular template. It’s designed to work as a separate app. Its Sell 12k+ more. The built-in applications are for demonstration purposes.

Compatible With AngularJS 2, AngularJS 3.0.x, AngularJS 4.0.x, AngularJS 5.0.x, AngularJS 6.0.x .
Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Fuse Admin Template
Source: FuseTheme

Key Features:

  • Angular & Angular Material
    Built with Angular on top of Angular Material library
  • Content Rich
    Built-in apps and ready to use pages to cut your development time
  • Color Management
    Angular Material compatible color templates and advanced color management
  • Based on SCSS
    All styles are written with SCSS for easy customization
  • Flexible Structure
    Ability to change the template structure based on routes
  • Free Updates
    Free lifetime updates including new features and bug fixes
  • Different Layouts
    Different themes and content layouts for the separate app and page structures
  • Easy Development & Deployment
    Develop and deploy your app by using the power of Typescript & Angular CLI
  • Premium Support
    Premium support from our experienced support team
  • No Dependencies
    Production app can work on simple hosting, no NodeJS or any other dependencies
  • PSDs Included
    20+ layered and organized Photoshop files included


Limitless – Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless – is a professional admin template, based on the Bootstrap framework. One style, hundreds of components, thousands of pages, and unlimited possibilities. 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 100+ plugins, 1000+ commented HTML pages. Limitless app kit is fully based on LESS, includes 100+ commented LESS files.

Navigation is a powerful thing. It supports both collapsible and accordion vertical navigation; multi-level horizontal navigation with state saving feature. Horizontal navigation is used in navbars and mega menus.

Source: Limitless

Key Features:

  • 1000+ HTML Pages
    Limitless template includes over 1000 static HTML pages, all of them are ready for integration
  • Fully based on LESS and SCSS
    BS3 version is fully based on LESS, BS4 version is based on SCSS, with an automated compilation
  • Hundreds of Components
    Includes extended BS components, 100+ plugins and extensions, and extended layout options
  • Multi-level Navigation
    Supports collapsible and accordion vertical nav, multi-level horizontal nav and mega menu
  • Translation Ready
    Limitless supports i18next library integration, which allows you to translate your content on-the-fly
  • Data Visualization
    Includes ECharts, Dimple, C3.js, Google charting libraries and advanced native D3.js charts
  • Detailed Documentation
    Comes with very detailed docs and includes options, features, and descriptions with screenshots
  • Starter Kit
    Each layout includes a set of blank pages with basic functionality to simplify the development process
  • 5 Ready-to-use Layouts
    Includes most common layout types, based on a responsive grid and supports up to 4 sidebars
  • Set of Custom Pages
    A set of pre-built custom pages: search, galleries, registrations, logins, users, error pages, chats, etc.
  • Color System
    Includes optional, but recommended a custom color system, based on Material Design palettes
  • Advanced Mega Menu
    Supports horizontal navigation with advanced mega menu and extended components


Pages – Admin Dashboard Template with Angular 6, Bootstrap 4 & HTML

Pages – its another best admin dashboard template. It’s a designed UI framework with hundreds of customized features. Pages have HTML5 & ANGULAR 5 separated demos like – Condensed, Casual, Executive, Simply white, Corporate and many more are coming soon.

Themes based on 6 colors. It’s hand-crafted so faster light-weighted angular components made only on pages UI framework.

Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With AngularJS 2, AngularJS 3.0.x. AngularJS 4.0.x. AngularJS 5.0.x, Bootstrap 4.x

PAGES - Admin Dashboard Template
Source: TRG

Key Features:

  • Native Angular
    Inbuilt native angular components without jquery. Less bulky and clean code
  • Light Weighted
    lightweight code makes the framework less bulky and increases the speed of load.
  • Smooth as Silk.
    GPU performance for animation for an ultra-smooth and fast Experience.
  • 100+ Widgets & Plugins
    Widgets and plugins to quickly deploy a good experience with the dashboard.
  • Well Documented
    Get Started with a detailed guide from the experts.
  • Fully responsive
    From Mobile to desktop, Fits any screen.
  • Multiple Layouts
    Switch between layouts to experience a whole new look and feel for your product.
  • Animations
    Animation curves are made natural and quick to produce motion.
  • 2x Retina Ready
    Web components will look sharper on different high-density displays.
  • Syncing colors
    Pick the Primary colors, and the framework will automatically sync the color hues.
  • Hinted Typography
    Fonts for various OS browsers, Either its Windows, Mac OSx, Or ubuntu, It does it all
  • Icons
    Select a wide variety of icons ranging from font awesome to in-built icons.
  • Github Repository Access
    Get Access to our private Github repository and get instant updates.

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Remark template based on the newest bootstrap v4 & bootstrap v3 also supported. It’s a brand new bootstrap admin template. Also proving as a popular template at the ThemeForest marketplace.

All components and layouts are designed by Classic and Material style.
With 6 different layouts variation focusing on design. It’s a good chance that Remark is a suitable choice for your project & easy to quickly developing.

Here 6 different layouts are Basic, Center, Topbar, Iconbar, Menu, Topicon. All web elements, pages are perfectly responsive to mobile or desktop devices.

For more look attract they used the Dark & Light menu background with an 11 color palette. Here more than 1000+ UI components,100+ widgets, form, etc. are ready to be inserted into your page designs. Simply you can easy to use like the Login, Register, Profile, Error code, etc.

Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With Bootstrap 4.x, Bootstrap 3.x

REMARK - Admin Dashboard Template
Source: TRG

Key Features:

  • Responsive design
    Fully adjust to fit the size of the screen, whether its mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • UI Components
    It offers a wide choice of elements, full customizable components.
  • Application
    The app is designed to help you save time by developing projects.
  • Pre-build pages ready
    With the choice of pages offered and building websites fast.
  • Dark & Bright Menubar
    Look great against light or dark menu backgrounds.
  • 11 Color Skins
    Come with 11 color palette and exceptionally easy to switch

Angulr – Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS

Angulr Admin web application template with built-in Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. Here used 5 in 1 UI kits packages like AngularJS App, Html/jQuery, Music SPA, Google Material Design, and App Landing.

Angulr template responsive CSS layout is built on Bootstrap Grid System. Includes a responsive, mobile-first fluid grid system to a wide range of devices like desktop, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Angulr Material project is an implementation of material design in Angular.js

This Admin template is a very handy product with a mobile-friendly layout. You can build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices by using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Angulr using Grunt to automate development tasks, like compiling less to CSS. Bower Package, fetching and installing packages from all over, finding, downloading, and saving the stuff you’re looking for.

It has multiple Layout options. 70% of jQuery plugins can work without creating the directive.

Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Compatible With  AngularJS, Bootstrap 3.x

Angulr - Admin Dashboard Template
Source: Angulr

Key Features:

  • Magic AngularJS
  • Powerful AngularUI
  • Popular Bootstrap 3
  • Nested routing
  • Nested views
  • Less CSS
  • Many jQuery plugins included
  • Lazy loading
  • Grunt tasks
  • Bower dependency management
  • International Translate
  • Save user settings
  • Note app
  • Contacts app
  • Multiple Layout options
  • Separated Html blocks


Porto Admin – Responsive HTML5 Template

Porto Admin is a complete package with everything you need. The template comes with 60+ HTML pages built using Bootstrap 3.

Porto is another popular admin dashboard that includes enough templates. Porto has 5 different versions like – Porto Front-End Version, WordPress Version, Magento Version, Drupal Version, Shopify Version and many more are coming soon…

It’s fully responsive and ready to look stunning on any device. Here Admin demos look very modern with a different style.

Everything you can add to your custom admin template. You can change the color, size adjustment, Switching border styles and many more can be quick with Porto Admin Template.

Customize Admin Theme as much as you want. There use different types of the layout with unlimited variations and colors.

Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
With Bootstrap 4.x

Porto - Admin Dashboard
Source: Porto

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive
    Porto Admin is full of responsive and ready to look so fresh on any type of device.
  • Light & Dark Styles
    Easily can change the background color style by adding the HTML
  • Exclusive Style Switcher
    Here you will be able to select any variations of color you want and create a new website in a second.
  • Integration with Porto
    More features add to the template, purchase Porto and Proto Admin & make your website more powerful.
  • Outstanding Support Center + Extensive Documentation
    If you have any query our dedicated support will be here
  • Source code Extremely Well Organised
    We are experts in front-end development. Our source code extremely organized and so easy to maintain.


Webarch – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Here, lets we show you another best Admin Dashboard Template is Webarch. Webarch website Flat and initiative bootstrap HTML admin dashboard Template that you trust. It supports LESS/SCSS and makes it easier to look with variations color that matches your company brand.

Webarch is fully responsive and retina ready and can be used in HTML mode. Now Webarch on mobile and desktop with 2x Faster Lighter than the previous version.

You can select from a range of options every element that you add to your site. As like – there are over 65+ jQuery styles, four inbuilt color themes, and over 50+ Widget.

The number of items templates is just as impressive, while the 50+ selection of widgets will give you more options when changing your layouts.

Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Compatible With Bootstrap 3.x

Webarch - Admin Dashboard
Source: Webarch

Key Features:

  • For Color Themes
    Stress-Reducing colors. Calming Hues especially made for the back-end users.
  • RTL Supported
    With the seamless high Deman for Right-to-left(RTL), We’ve to implement wit glory.
  • Four Layout Options
    Highly Customized Layout Options reducing less workload and time.
  • Unlimited Possibilities ++
    you’d be amazed to see how these Outstanding options will create your winders.
  • Responsive Layout
    With our condensed navigation menu, more space to view the content the most
  • Retina Ready
    The template is designed and developed for Retina screens while lightweight vectors & images ensure optimal performance.
  • Stress-Free Color Palette
    A very important aspect of our visual experience is color and used as a vibrate yet subtle into the elements.
  • Quick Chat
    Keep in touch with your friends and colleagues while you work to find fully customized plug-ins.
  • Condensed Menu
    Here use condensed navigation


Neon – Bootstrap Admin Theme

Neon is another best Bootstrap powered admin template yet. Neon – is an admin template Bootstrap for multi-purpose use builtin with Bootstrap 3.3.5. It also will be extended for future updates with more new plugins and pages.

Here 110+ HTML files with a different layout, 10+ photoshop files they use resources, and template for packed admin dashboard.

You can also buy an Extended License of Neon with a 33% discount, this is the lower price that you can find on the Admin category of Themeforest!

Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
With Bootstrap 3.x

Source: Neon

Key Features:

  • Admin Dashboard
    Amazing admin dashboard, with hundreds of options and great user experience.
  • Front-end Theme
    Well designed front-end template including main pages: portfolio, blog, gallery, contact, etc…
  • Bootstrap Based
    Built with the most powerful framework – Bootstrap 3 from Twitter, supported in all devices.
    Neon uses LESS an enhanced type of CSS where you can use variables, mixins and more…
  • Responsive
    Designed for each device from desktops and notebooks to all the smartphones and tablets.
  • Rich User Interface
    Many types of modules and style components, designed for great user experience.
  • Chat
    They have built a whole new chat system, easily integrate into your own system with the Chat API.
  • Charts
    Keep your app stats up to date with all types of charts: pie, line, area or another type of charts.
  • Calendar
    Manage your events easily, they have included a great jQuery calendar to save your golden time.
  • Data Tables
    Display table data in a flexible way, search, filter and export your tables via AJAX.
  • Multiple Layouts
    Multiple types of layouts, within a few moments, change the layout of your dashboard.
  • Mailbox
    Manage your mails directly from the dashboard, a great inbox and message template.
  • Invoice
    Professional invoice template to print for your own business, customize it by yourself.
  • Gallery
    They didn’t forget to add a media manager, manage galleries, albums and images easily.
  • Maps
    Show location stats with the amazing Vector Maps or Google Maps.
  • Extra PSD Files
    Neon wouldn’t be so great if we would not include more than 10 Photoshop files.
  • Notes
    Write down all your stories on different pages with a school notebook style.
  • Profile
    Display profiles in an interactive way like a social network, display the latest activity log.
  • 9 Skins
    Up to nine skins: default, black, red, blue, green, white, purple, cafe and yellow skin.
  • Tree View
    Display lists listed in the tree view and nested menus.
  • Log in / Register
    Unique & interactive design for the login, lock screen and register pages.
  • RTL – Right to Left
    The right to left written languages like Arabic or Hebrew is supported.


Elite Admin – Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template

So, Here is the most popular Multipurpose Admin Template is Elite Admin. It is too popular a template for the user. Elite Admin is a premium admin dashboard with flat design.

Its fully responsive admin dashboard template built with 4 layouts like – Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, and CSS3, Media query. It has a lot of collection of UI components and integrated with the newest jQuery plugins. Simply It can be used for all types of Web Applications Such as custom admin panel, app backend, CMS or CRM.

It’s so simple & easy to customize your template. this template includes many more demos options like – Bootstrap4 Cryptocurrency, Hospital, Inverse, Colors, WP menu, Ecommerece, CRM, Real Estate & 14 Other demos. They have also added the eCommerce Dashboard option.

Two types of versions are used here like Dark & Light Version. Added 7 different styles for Header & Navigation. Landing Page, 90+ Integrated Plugins, 2000+ Pages, 3 Step Registration, they use 3000+ Font Icons, include 500+ UI Components & many more…

Easily You can upload multiple documents with Multiple selectors!

Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With Bootstrap 4.x

Elite - Admin Dashboard
Source: Elite Admin

Key Features:

  • 9 Color Schemes
    They have included 9 pre-defined color schemes with Elite Admin.
  • Dark & Light Sidebar
    Included Dark and Light Sidebar for getting the desired look and feel.
  • 2000+ Page Templates
    They have 20 demos & 100+ Pages per demo to make it easier.
  • 1000+ UI Components
    Almost 1000+ UI Components being given with Elite Admin Pack.
  • Lots of Widgets
    A wide range of Widgets is available with Elite Admin Package.
  • Bootstrap 4x
    Its been made with Bootstrap 4 and fully responsive layout.
  • 3000+ Font Icons
    Lots of Icon Fonts are included here in the package of Elite Admin.
  • Fully Responsive
    All the layout of Elite Admin is Fully Responsive and widely tested.
  • SassBase CSS
    There CSS is written by Sass Base to make your life easier.
  • Easy to Customize
    Customization will be easy as they understand your pain.
  • Lots of Chart Options
    Your name it and they have it, Yes lots of variations for Charts.
  • Multiple File Uploads
    You can upload multiple files with our Multiple selectors.

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