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Do you require high-quality templates? And you want to eCommerce Launch service? It’s a time-consuming procedure. You may come across lots of themes, plugins, and e-commerce stores when searching for the greatest tools on the internet. Which one do you think I should go with? Do they come at a reasonable price? Can I count on them to provide good service?

What if you could obtain everything you need in one place? You don’t have to worry about getting tangled up anymore. By combining certain features and functionalities, TemplateMonster has come up with a solution to satisfy all of your business demands.

Template Monster is a fantastic platform with a lot of features such as templates, plugins, graphics design, HD themes, website builders, SEO, e-commerce stores, and marketing tools to help you grow your online business. It has been providing outstanding services to clients at affordable costs since its beginning in 2002. You can also use the Template Monster tools without difficulty.

To make things easier for you, I conducted research on several marketplaces, reviews, ratings, and customer feedback. In this article, I discuss TemplateMonster’s Ultimate eCommerce Launch service. Let’s get started!

Ultimate eCommerce Launch TemplateMonster Service
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Ultimate eCommerce Launch features

  • Theme installation on web hosting.
  • Hosting setup as per the theme’s requirements.
  • Default plugin activation and setup.
  • Store configuration.
  • Product import.
  • Demo content replacement.
  • Theme customization.
  • Website contact details setup.
  • 2 revisions.
  • Access to 15 images from Depositphotos.com.
  • Personal project manager.
  • GDPR & CCPA Privacy Configuration.
  • Contact forms set up with Captcha/Re-Captcha.
  • Social feed widget integration.
  • Google Analytics code integration.
  • Mailchimp setup.
  • Extra developer hours.

How Does the Ultimate eCommerce Launch Service Work

Collecting Information

Once your order has been verified, a member of their team will contact you to gather all information to perform the service. They’ll need access to your hosting account in order to install the template. If you don’t have compatible hosting, their customer service representatives will help to find and register one with the desired domain name.

You must also send us all of the content for your websites and blog posts, as well as content positioning guidelines. They also require a CSV file containing a product list that they can upload to the website. You can do so by answering the project manager’s email or by using a file-sharing service. Your project manager would be pleased to assist you if you have any questions.

Completing Ultimate eCommerce Launch Service

They’ll install the template on your hosting and customize it after they get all of the information. Their team will add your logo and content, if necessary change the colors, and activate the contact form, among other things. they also fully customize the shop and import the client’s content and products. Your project manager will be able to update you on the status of your project at any time.

Reviewing & Finishing Up

You will be able to review and approve the results once their team has finished customizing the template. There are two free revisions available if you want to update or edit anything at this point. Your project manager can go over all of the details of the new fixes and changes.

They‘ll provide you with the login and password information for the admin panel after the project’s final approval. You’ll be able to log in and manage the site, as well as make other changes.

What They Need to Provide the Service

  • cPanel plus FTP and MySQL access to your hosting.
  • Colors that are to be changed in the template.
  •  Content (images and texts) for informational pages and blog posts Logo (preferably in SVG format).
  • CSV file with a list of products.
  • Detailed content placement instructions.


You have to choose a platform from the drop-down that includes WooCommerce Shopify Opencart Prestashop Magento. It costs 859$
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Top Reasons to Try Their Service

If you choose the eCommerce Launch Service their team will provide you with even more configuration choices. They have a large skilled staff of developers and project managers, so they can offer affordable prices for better quality. Let’s take a deeper look at the features provided by the service.

  • Quickly content upload. Your personal project manager will contact you for the essential information and assist you in providing it in the appropriate formats.
  • Set up a web store, including changes of shipping, payments, currencies, and taxes.
  • Product Import. Importing up to 1,000 of your items (without options, attributes, and combinations)
  • General Website Configuration. Their team creates a contact form, maps and locations, and social media links, among other things.
  • Anti-hacking and anti-spam protection. The service features Captcha/Recaptcha integration as well as security enhancements to improve your website’s overall speed.
  • Copywriting services are available. They can add up to 1800 words of extra SEO copywriting to your website to help it rank higher. Make contact with your personal project manager to go over all of the details.
  • Set of the best images. When you acquire the service, you will also receive a set of 15 high-resolution images that you can use on your website. You are welcome to use these in place of the default images that come with your site theme. DepositPhotos was used to create the images.
  • Configuration of the menu and permalinks. According to your requirements, Their staff will add a personalized appearance and feel to the main menu and categories of your website.
  • Localization of the admin panel.
  • CCPA and GDPR suite. Your website will follow all applicable laws regarding the storage and use of personal data from customers, allowing you to target clients in Western Europe and Western America. According to the laws in your country, they will put cookies and privacy policy guidelines and banners on your website.
  • Integration of Google Analytics code.
  • The process could take up to 30 hours. You can use 30 hours of web development services for any further customizations that are not included in the list of services. With the project manager, they agreed on these customizations to see if these hours would cover all of the required customizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order the Ultimate eCommerce Launch service even if I do not have all the content and products ready yet?
Yes, you can send your content at a suitable time.

Do I have to check that my hosting is compatible with a template?

Yes, you will need to check that your hosting is compatible with the template. Most templates will require a specific type of hosting. So you’ll need to make sure that your host can provide the type of hosting that is required. You can usually find this information in the template’s documentation.

How many products and content pages do we add with the Ultimate eCommerce Launch service?

The eCommerce Launch service provides you with everything you need to get your online store up and running quickly and easily. They add 100 products and 100 content pages to your store, so you can start selling right away!

How long will the Ultimate eCommerce Launch service take to complete?

Installing and configuring your store with the website template customization services can take up to 8 to 10 business days. To reach the project deadline, you must offer specific content positioning guidelines for your content and products. Two free revisions are offered after the service is completed.

Additional revisions may affect the time it takes for your site to go live. The sooner you tell us what changes you’d like us to make, the sooner they can make them.

Is it possible for you to deliver Ultimate eCommerce Launch Service faster?

Yes, for an extra price, they can lunch your store faster. Please open a conversation on their site and let us know when you need your store up and running, as well as the template you’d like to use. Their customer service team will inform you of your options (depending on their workload).

Is it possible to order the eCommerce Launch service without having all of the content and products ready?

Yes, you can send your content and products to their staff at your time. There are no time limits on gathering words and pictures. However, they will begin adding content to your site only after they have received all of the essential information. All of these aspects will be discussed with your project manager.

Will you install a template on my hosting?

Yes, a template can be installed on existing hosting; all you need to do is give us the proper login information. Keep in mind that the chosen theme must be compatible with the hosting. If you do not have a hosting account, they may assist you with selecting and registering a new hosting account that fits your needs.

Is it necessary to ensure that my hosting is template-compatible?

Certainly, you do. It is vital to ensure that your hosting account fulfills the template’s requirements. Some hosting providers use Linux, while others offer Windows-based accounts. Your hosting company’s support team will share this information with you. If you’re having trouble deciding on a hosting service, their support team will be happy to assist you.

What happens if I don’t like the final result?

You will have two free revisions after the project is completed to verify that the installation and customization fulfill your expectations.


Template Monster provides many more services like Website Creation from Scratch, maintenance service, ultimate website launch, all-in-one store setup, and more. Feel free to contact them if you want to place an order. What are your thoughts about this service? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below! If you like this article please give us a like and share this on social media.

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