The 10 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022

The 10 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022 | TechReviewGarden

Trying to figure out the best WordPress page builder plugins for 2022. are ideal for your website? To assist you in making your decision, I tried out ten different WordPress page builders. Yes, I used each and every one of them; this isn’t a list based on the marketing copy.

List of 10 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022

  1. Elementor.
  2. Beaver Builder.
  3. Divi Builder.
  4. Thrive Architect.
  5. SiteOrigin Page Builder.
  6. WPBakery Page Builder.
  7. Themify Builder.
  8. Brizy.
  9. Visual Composer.
  10. WP Page Builder.

1. Elementor

Elementor Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022
Source: Elementor

Elementor is one of the youngest page builders on this list, having been released in 2016. Despite its late start, Elementor has swiftly gathered over 3,000,000 active installs on, making it the top page builder in the world, at least according to numbers. I think that it is the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022 for everyone.

It is known for its fast, glitch-free visual interface, flexible styling options, and other strong capabilities such as full theme building. Though it began as a simple page editor, the paid edition, Elementor Pro, today allows you to do much more than that. The following are the two key features:

Theme Builder – use the same Elementor UI to create your complete theme. Your header, archive pages, single post pages, footer, custom post type templates, WooCommerce product/shop pages, and so on are all included. You’ll find specific widgets for common elements, as well as the ability to dynamically enter content from custom fields.

Popup Builder – use the entire Elementor interface to create flexible popups. All of the basic Elementor widgets are available, allowing you to create email opt-in popups, login popups, contact form popups, and more.

These two additions truly assist Elementor to stand out from the opponent. The popup builder is still pretty unique, even though theme development is becoming a popular feature.

Elementor comes with 28 free widgets in the free edition. You can also make use of all of the core WordPress widgets. The Pro edition adds extra 30 widgets, bringing the total number of widgets to 58. There are additional 40 free templates included in the free edition. Hundreds of more extra templates are included in the Pro version.

Elementor Price: The core version is available for free. Elementor Pro is available for $49 for a single site(price may vary).

2. Beaver Builder

Beaverbuilder Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022
Source: BeaverBuilder

For quite some time, Beaver Builder has been trustworthy in the page builder sector. It provides clean code (for a page builder), is well-liked by both end-users and implementers, and is often updated with new features and updates.

You may also pair it with certain official add-ons for more flexibility, such as an alternate Beaver Builder theme and the Beaver Themer extension. Beaver Builder’s free version only allows you to use six modules, though you can also use basic WordPress widgets.

On the other hand, the premium version offers you access to 30 modules. These modules are all modular, so you may turn them on and off as needed. You also receive access to 56-page templates in the premium edition, as well as the opportunity to save your own designs as templates.

BeaverBuilder Price: There is a limited free version available. For use on a restricted number of sites, it starts at $99 per month(price may vary).

3. Divi Builder

Divi Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022
Source: Divi

Divi Builder is a well-known premium page builder. While Divi Builder is most generally used as part of the Divi theme, it is also available as a standalone plugin that may be used with other themes.

Unlike the two previous page builders, Divi Builder allows you to change your content using both a visual front end and a back end interface, but maximum users will probably prefer the front end.

Divi 4.0, the most recent version, added full theme creation support, putting it on the level with Elementor and Beaver Builder in that regard. That is, Divi can now be used to create headers, footers, templates, and more.

Divi Builder comes with 46 modules to help you create your own designs. You also get 316 pre-built templates divided across 40 layout packs, as well as the ability to store your own designs as templates.

Divi Builder Price: Available as part of the Elegant Themes subscription for $89(price may vary).

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022
Source: Thrive Architect

What was originally known as Thrive Content Builder has been renamed Thrive Architect. The new interface features a lot of parallels with Elementor’s, as you’ll see in a minute. Although anybody can use it, because of its emphasis on conversion rates, it is particularly popular among bloggers and affiliate marketers.

On the other hand, Thrive Architect’s default styling, looks really fantastic right out of the box for me.

Thrive Architect includes 40 widgets, including several useful ones such as an evergreen countdown timer. There are hundreds of templates in Thrive Architect, which are split into 36 “sets.” You can also use a template to store your own designs.

Thrive Architect Price: It’s included in the Thrive Suite, which costs $19 per month (price may vary).

5. SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin TechReviewGarden
Source: SiteOrigin

If you’re looking to build a powerful and responsive website with minimal CSS and no programming skills, SiteOrigin is here to help. You can use a number of their free and paid, as well as free and paid page builder plugins.

While SiteOrigin Page Builder is a little lighter than the majority of the other choices on this list, it still provides excellent performance and a lot of CSS controls.

SiteOrigin Page Builder includes a free Widgets Bundle plugin that provides a modular set of 23 widgets. It also comes with 25 ready-to-use templates, albeit these are very basic with respect to other page builders.

Although you can’t save your designs as templates, you may easily clone existing pages to get a similar result.

SiteOrigin Price: The price is free. The SiteOrigin Premium package starts at $29 per month(price may vary).

6. WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022
Source: WPBakery

Another popular paid page builder is WPBakery WordPress plugins, formerly known as Visual Composer. WPBakery is included with what appears to be 99 percent of ThemeForest themes, which contributes to its popularity.

However, it is still used on a large number of WordPress websites. WPBakery includes 39 elements in addition to all of the standard WordPress widgets.

However, some of these parts would be integrated in a different page builder, so the true amount is closer to 33. There are additional 86 templates included. Some of the templates are full pages, while others are only sections.

WPBakery Price: $64(price may vary).

7. Themify Builder

Themify Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022
Source: Themify

There’s no surprise that Themify Builder is Themify’s page builder. To give consumers easy customization options, Themify includes it with many of their themes.

However, it is also available as a standalone plugin that may be used with any theme. Themify Builder has 32 modules in addition to all of the standard WordPress widgets. There are also 143 full-page templates and a smaller number of Rows, which are pre-built sections.

Themify Price: free lightweight version is available. Pro version is $39 or $59 per month (depending on add-ons, also price may vary)

8. Brizy

Brizy TechReviewGarden
Source: Brizy

Brizy was launched in April 2018. It is one of the “youngest” page builders on this list. However, it comes from a popular developer, ThemeFuse, and has amassed over 60,000 active installs in a short time.

Furthermore, it simply takes a different approach to various aspects of page building, which makes it an attractive option.

Brizy already supports theme and popup building, and the developers are quick to provide additional features. Brizy has 26 basic elements available. This is a small number, but because Brizy is still new, it is hoped that it will increase with time.

You can also receive extra elements for certain functions, such as a menu element when creating a header. You can also use over 150 blocks included in the package.

Brizy Price: The basic version is available for free. The Pro version costs $49.

9. Visual Composer

Visula composer TechReviewGarden
Source: Visual Composer

As I said before, Visual Composer used to be called WPBakery Page Builder. The reason for the “used to” is that the Visual Composer team chose to spin off WPBakery Page Builder in order to offer a brand new product under the Visual Composer name.

In this section, we’ll concentrate on it. It’s from the same developer team, but it’s a totally different product. The key feature is that Visual Composer is a full-featured website builder, whereas WPBakery Page Builder is simply a page builder.

You can easily create a website with its simple drag-and-drop builder, pre-made content elements, and professional templates. It also has many powerful features to make your website great. This excellent drag-and-drop page builder can help you create stunning pages quickly and easily.

You only receive a few blocks and no templates when you first install Visual Composer. But Visual Composer includes a large library of elements and templates to choose from. All you have to do is connect to the Visual Composer Hub and download the ones you wish to use.

Visual Composer Price: There is a limited free version available. The Pro version costs $49.

10. WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder TechReviewGarden
Source: WP Page Builder

Themeum, a well-known WordPress developer, has released WP Page Builder as a new product. While the plugin is new, the team behind it has a long history in the WordPress community. Themeum also makes the Tutor LMS plugin, which we recently reviewed.

WP Page Builder offers a fantastic collection of widgets, even in the free version. Flip boxes, pricing tables, post grids, and other features are included in the free edition. The majority of other page builders charge extra for these features.

In addition, you’ll have access to 31+ Layout Bundles, which are themed template packs for specific niches. There are numerous templates in each layout.

WP Page Builder Price: The free version is quite generous. The Pro version costs $39.

Why Use a Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

The design of your WordPress website is mainly determined by your theme. However, most premium themes come with a lot of customization options that can be too complex for non-coders to use. This is where WordPress page builder plugins with drag and drop functionality can be useful. A simple WordPress page builder plugin can let you create amazing custom layouts and landing pages for your website.

With a page builder plugin, you can add any type of content to a page by dragging and dropping ready-made content elements such as blocks, modules, or widgets. To create unique website layouts, you can easily customize, move, and arrange the content elements. The best part is that you won’t need any coding knowledge to design with a page builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which free page builder is best for WordPress?

There are many free page builders available for WordPress, but not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others in terms of features, ease of use, and overall quality.

In our opinion, the best free page builder for WordPress is Beaver Builder. It is a powerful yet easy-to-use page builder that comes with a wide variety of features. Plus, it has a great reputation among users and developers alike.

How do I add a page builder in WordPress?

There are a few different ways to add a page builder in WordPress. One way is to use a plugin like Beaver Builder or Divi Builder. Another way is to use a theme that has a page builder built-in, like Genesis Framework with the Dynamik Website Builder. And finally, you can also code your own page builder using the WordPress Customizer.

Does WordPress have a built-in page builder?

Yes, WordPress does have a built-in page builder. This feature allows you to easily create and edit pages without having to worry about coding or other complex processes.

What is the easiest WordPress page builder?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. However, many people find that the WordPress page builder with the simplest interface and most user-friendly features is the Beaver Builder plugin.

Do I still need a page builder if I am using the new WordPress block editor?

If you are using the new WordPress block editor, you may not need a page builder. The block editor provides a lot of flexibility and functionality for building pages. However, if you want more advanced features or customization, you may need to use a page builder.

Are WordPress page builders free?

Yes, WordPress page builders are free. You can find a number of them in the WordPress plugin repository. However, keep in mind that some of them may require a premium subscription for certain features.

Does the Gutenberg block editor replace the WordPress page builders?

No, the Gutenberg block editor does not replace the WordPress page builders. WordPress page builders are still available for use, and they can be used in conjunction with the Gutenberg block editor.

Is there any builder out there I can use to create the layout of a single blog post but have user-adding content use the classic WordPress editor?

Yes, there are a number of WordPress plugins that allow you to create custom layouts for your blog posts. However, these plugins generally require that users add content using the WordPress editor. If you’re looking for a builder that allows users to add content using the classic WordPress editor, we recommend checking out our list of the best WordPress page builders.

Can page builders be used on a free WordPress theme?

Yes, page builders can be used on the free WordPress theme. However, not all features may be available on free themes. For example, some premium themes come with built-in support for specific page builder plugins. So if you’re using a free theme, you’ll need to make sure that your chosen page builder plugin is compatible with it.

Use a page builder like Elementor or BeaverBuilder is it important what theme we have?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on personal preferences and project requirements. Some people find page builders to be extremely helpful, while others prefer to build their websites without them. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not a page builder is necessary for their project.

Do I need a page builder for WordPress?

If you’re just making straightforward blog posts or content pages, you don’t require a page builder plugin. However, you’ll undoubtedly need more flexibility than the built-in WordPress editor if you want to be able to create creative, customized designs without using code. Use a plugin for a page builder at that point.

What is the best free page builder for WordPress?

Elementor is the best free WordPress page builder plugin, and it’s available for both the free and pro versions of Elementor. While Elementor Pro does add lots of useful features, the free version alone is already very powerful and you can build great-looking pages using exclusively free features.

Which Is the Best WordPress Plugins?

As I mentioned above, my overall favorite WordPress page builder plugin is Elementor. If you have questions about which page builder plugin to use for your blog, I recommend starting with Elementor.

Which is the best WordPress page builder 2022 for SEO?

These WordPress page builder plugins are compatible with popular WordPress SEO plugins and make it easy to build search-engine-friendly websites. They’ve been around for awhile and all have the same functionality, so the differences are minimal regarding SEO. I think Elementor is the best WordPress page builder plugin for SEO.

Final Words: Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

So, which one of these ten-page builders should you go with? Depending on the site, I use a combination of Elementor and Thrive Architect. Also, you can read – Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting? Facing syntax error in WordPress? I hope you like this article, I try to cover all parts of the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022. If you like this article you can share it on social media.

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